Volunteering Opportunites with Catalyst

  • Published: 15th September 2020
We are actively seeking volunteers to take part in different areas of activity.

Earlier this year a large number of people offered to help make a real difference to people affected by the COVID pandemic. Since March, many people have given their valuable time to collect shopping, prescriptions, walk dogs or just to be a friendly voice at the end of the phone in Stockton. As well as making a positive impact on our communities volunteers can also gain new skills, meet new people and get out and about in the community. For many, it is a very enjoyable, positive experience.

Not everyone who offered their services was able to find an opportunity to volunteer this year. Now, we are actively seeking volunteers to take part in three different areas of activity, which are:

  • Support to households affected by COVID. This might mean answering calls from members of the public, or collecting and delivering shopping or prescriptions to people who are unable to leave their homes at present
  • Support to help people use digital technologies. We are giving tablets and mobile phones to people who have never used them before, and we need volunteers to help them to get the hang of the new devices. We know that many people would like to be able to access public services to support their health, to seek employment, or just to keep in touch with people they know. Our volunteers can help them to do this using digital technology
  • Community Health Ambassadors – people who will help their communities to live long and healthy lives. They will talk to them about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, and generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All our volunteers will receive training to help them to help others, and to ensure that they are safe whilst doing this. We will pay the cost of any out-of-pocket expenses.

If you are interested in any of these roles and would like to know more, please e-mail enquiries@catalyststockton.org