Meet Mark

What is your volunteer role and what does it entail?

I help lead and deliver the Christians Against Poverty Job Club and other courses to mainly Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Stockton. My other role involves the Petch Street community garden. I am involved in planning, applying for grant funding and leading on community events in the garden itself.

What is your motivation to volunteer?

Volunteering aligns with my Christian belief of wanting to help and support people in need. I also wish to support the environment and generally giving back to the community.

Tell us a positive experience you’ve had volunteering?

Building up a wonderful network with other very supportive community groups across Stockton. Having the opportunity to work with the amazingly committed Stockton Council officers, as well as individuals locally, to help to create the community garden.

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering is please get on with it! As the CAP Job Club course emphasises, volunteering is an excellent way of building up skills and very valuable experience to build up a strong CV. It’s also always very rewarding

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