Meet Carolyn

What is your volunteer role and what does it entail?

I’m a volunteer church youth leader, helping to produce and run events, activities and sessions. I also mentor young people one to one. Working as an assistant at Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Job Club, helping run weekly sessions to build confidence and understanding, skills and language with refugee and asylum seekers.

What is your motivation to volunteer?

My work involves me with children and young people. Throughout my career I have always worked with these age groups, and I felt that I could contribute, and wanted to contribute my time and commitment in this way.

Tell us a positive experience you’ve had volunteering

I have become closer to the people with whom I volunteer and have formed real friendships. I have had the opportunity to know some of the refugee and asylum seekers that have come through the CAP Job club and learned from their experiences. This has been both moving and inspiring.

My advice to anyone thinking of volunteering is be open to it. There is a real purpose to be discovered in giving to and helping other people. It makes your own life better.

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