Meet Callum

What is your volunteer role and what does it entail?

I started as a garden volunteer at Little Sprouts about 2 1/2 years ago. At the garden, I do all sorts including digging the ground over, planting and clearing up. I help grow the vegetables, which are used in the shop and as ingredients for cooking the lunches.

What is your motivation to volunteer?

I was working at a school who had children struggling for food due to funding cuts. We worked with Debbie at Sprouts, who brought us food to help. I felt compelled to repay them in kind by volunteering. It made sense to help them when they helped us. I left the school but continued the volunteering.

Tell us a positive experience you’ve had volunteering

The lunches on a Wednesday are my favourite. I loved helping an older lady who lives near by to attend. I would go to her house, link arms and walk her back to Sprouts, giving her the support to come along. After lunch I would walk her home, having a chat about how much she enjoyed it.

My advice to anyone thinking of volunteering is I would encourage younger people to get involved. It’s great to make a difference and offer a helping hand. It can be quite addictive, in a good way! Once you have helped one person, you just want to go on and help more.

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