Meet Avril

What is your volunteer role and what does it entail?

I’m a sales assistant in an Oxfam shop. This means assisting customers with queries, making sales and accepting much valued items from donors, which are later sold in the shop.

What is your motivation to volunteer?

I strongly believed in Oxfam’s work relieving poverty on a global scale, with the aim of creating the conditions for everyone to flourish. I had always wanted to experience work in the retail sector and support recycling of second hand goods, which charity shops of all kinds do so well.

Tell us a positive experience you’ve had volunteering

Every shift in an Oxfam shop is a positive one, because you know you’re contributing to vital

fundraising. However, I would pick out the delight on customers’ faces who are on a tight budget and find in the shop that clothes for their rapidly growing children can be afforded

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering is to follow your interests and volunteer for something you already feel drawn to. Be prepared to learn new skills and make new friends. Be ready to benefit from the experience as an individual. Whilst you are giving of your time and talents you will also gain satisfaction from a job done to the best of your ability. Finally – just go for it!

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