St John Ambulance aims to support communities to be more resilient by teaching people lifesaving skills and knowledge to help their families and people around them. We are currently looking for volunteer Community Advocates nationally who will help to be the difference within their community by building relationships and promoting the importance of learning lifesaving skills including CPR and AEDs. Do you have 3 hours a month spare and would like to make a difference? If so, please email for a chat about this opportunity. We will discuss the training provided and how this could lead you into a new and exciting career/ volunteering journey by joining St John Ambulance Skills • Be confident in engaging and communicating with different groups of people • Enthusiastic about promoting first aid skills to the public • Prepared to learn first aid skills • Confident about public speaking • Existing community connections • We expect you to host regular sessions (minimum 1 per month) to ensure you keep your skills up to date and to ensure you are using the current resources • To deliver a session within 2 months of your training and recruitment into the role being completed Benefits
  • Raise awareness of the importance of first aid skills through engagement with targeted communities (e.g. adult support groups, places of worship groups, community centre groups)
  • Provide first aid information to local community groups and associations through 1-hour awareness sessions
  • Distribute promotional materials to promote St John Ambulance and advocacy.

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