Nepacs is a north east charity which aims to promote a positive future for people who have been affected by adverse situations in their lives. We work with families, young people and children, as well as those affected by the criminal justice system.

We are there for people during difficult times when they need some additional support, whether that be emotional support, help with building resilience, confidence and self-esteem or some practical information.

We are known for our work within criminal justice, having worked in this field for 140 years but we also reach out and provide services in the community, to children and adults from all walks of life.


Nepacs are looking for volunteers for Re:Settle in both the North West and the North East –   Re:Settle is...

We are currently seeking a positive and dedicated treasurer to join our Board of Trustees who is willing to devote...

An Independent Visitor is an adult volunteer who provides support and friendship to a child or young person ‘looked after’...

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