Wellbeing Gardening Group Volunteer


What You’ll Do: 

The gardening group is with patients attending the Wellbeing Centre (WBC) at Teesside Hospice. The WBC is for individuals who have a life limiting illness and are currently independent but require support and skills to live their lives to the full. We run various support groups with the aim to increase self esteem, confidence and low mood to name a few. We have previously had a gardening group and it would be great to run another one. There will be staff available to help within the group but the volunteer would plan the session using their knowledge and skills from their gardening experience.

Wellbeing Gardening Group Volunteers will:

  • Deliver gardening classes in the wellbeing centre of Teesside hospice
  • Assist in the delivery and development of the wellbeing service within the organisation
  • To act as an ambassador for the palliative care team and promote the hospice service.

Daily supervision: Wellbeing Centre Team
Accountability: Wellbeing Centre Sister
Wellbeing Centre and In-Patient Unit, Teesside Hospice, 1 Northgate Road, Middlesbrough

Aim: Our Wellbeing Centre at Teesside Hospice provides services for people who are living with long term and life-limiting conditions, including their families and carers. We offer care, support, and advice to help improve wellbeing and confidence and through this to help people cope better with the changes happening in their lives.

Why You’ll Love It: 

You will have an opportunity to share your knowledge of gardening with patients and use some of your skills to help patients write some of their memories e.g. planting seeds. You will gain experience in how to communicate effectively with people of all ages at various stages in their illness and hopefully improve their communication skills. We are welcome to your ideas!

What You’ll Learn: 

You will learn skills in leading a group, group dynamics and the differences between communicating in a group and individually. We would hope that you would learn team working skills as you work alongside the WBC staff and generally how to be a productive member of any work force. You will gain confidence in yourself by coming into a new and unknown environment which will help you when going into the workplace. You would also learn more about yourself as a person and discover skills that you didn’t realise that you already have.

Personal qualities:

  • Compassion and empathy
  • Tact and sensitivity
  • Resilience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to ensuring that the patient has support at the end of their life
  • Ability to work alone and as part of team
  • Polite and approachable
  • Professional approach

What We’re Looking For: 

  • Gardening skills – no specific qualification required
  • Confidence to be able to lead a gardening group with assistance
  • Creativity to come up with activities and ideas of what to do in wellbeing gardening group

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