Volunteer Speaker

The role of the TWAM speaker is to talk to groups in your local community
leaving them with the challenge to support TWAM through tool collections,
financial provision or by volunteering.
The groups you speak to will be diverse in nature and could include
churches schools, Rotary Clubs and many others.


Speaking, Publicity,  Communciation


tasks may include

Taking calls
and emails from members of the public and arranging talk engagements

Preparing a presentation and ensuring you have sufficient supplies of all
literature you may need

Carrying out
the talk leaving groups with the challenge to support TWAM

Passing on
any donations made by the group to Head Office for thank you letters to be

If tools have been provided, arrange for the
local collector or TWAM van to pick up from you or follow up in a few weeks and
arrange pick up if a collection is being made.

Knowledge & Skills

A Speaker
pack will be provided which includes presentations on a memory stick, written
narrative for presentations, Pictures and Posters and examples of our publicity

Ideally, you will be
familiar with Powerpoint and modern media methods as these will be expected by
many groups

Personal Qualities

You should
have a friendly and welcoming personality as you will be the face of TWAM to
members of the Public. . You need to be happy to be out front and to
enjoy public speaking being able to deliver a talk or a sermon with passion. I

You also need to be bought into the TWAM ethos so that this is portrayed to the groups to whom you speak.

General Requirements

We ideally like there to be the intention of a reasonable length of Volunteering.   

You need to be an advocate of TWAM as the messaging is very important

You will mainly be speaking in your local area although are welcome to take on talks further afield should you wish


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