Volunteer Human Rights Juror

  • Participating in live and virtual peoples' juries
  • UK Wide

From quick judgements to decide whether a claim meets the test of potential breach, to detailed considerations of evidence, statements and case law, your role will be to give judgements that uphold or reject a citizens’ claim that the state has denied them a fair hearing.  You will have access to volunteer legal advice, access to resources on Article 6 of the Human Rights Act, and access to fellow jurors to discuss elements of the claim.  You will be anonymous to claimant and Respondent.

Jurors can make a real and tangible difference to the lives of claimants by vindicating victims of long-standing injustices, support whistle blowers to expose issues of real public concern, and ultimately ensure that state agencies operate to fair standards.



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You will make yourself available for random selection to hear either claims that an Article 6 breach has occurred in either a criminal or civic hearing. If selected, you will be requested to confirm availability over coming 14 days, or to not reply if no availability.  If available, you will be sent a claim of a single breach to judge, this may be to make an initial assessment with 2 other jurors that the claim has identified a 'prima facie' case - that there is at least some appearance of merit to the claim; or if this stage has been passed, you may be asked to make a judgement that the evidence supports the claim that 1 of the 19 headings for an unfair hearing has been met, considering evidence, statements, defences, arguments and case law.  Each jury decides on 1 alleged breach only, even if a claim contains many allegations.  After submitting a judgement, a volunteer can retire for that session until  randomly selected again, or can elect to hear another claim. 

Knowledge & Skills

Training in Article 6 will be provided.  Volunteers need only literacy and a basic sense of fairness. 

Personal Qualities

Fairness, decency, a commitment to deliver at least one judgement on one claim within 14 days if jury service is agreed to. 

General Requirements

Jurors must meet UK criminal jury eligibility criteria, which can be found here:



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