Volunteer Human Rights area coordinator

  • To promote and develop the Peoples' Panel initiative in you area/region
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The PPHR is a new organisation whose aim is to create a pool of volunteer citizen jurors and to begin running or re-running panels based on the jury model to consider claims that Article 6 of the Human Rights Act has been breached.    This is the right of any citizen to a fair trial or hearing in any dealings with the state.   As a new organisation, we are seeking enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about supporting our model of citizen scrutiny of the state to grow and develop.  In our first year, our strategic aim is gather as many followers as possible to our social media platform, as this will be the shop window of the Peoples’ Panel, and will ultimately serve to give credibility to the verdicts our panels deliver, as well as being a repository of volunteer jurors.   The aim of the area coordinator role is to act as a local agent, speaking to potential partners organisations in the area, and working with other activists to ensure that your area achieves as comprehensive citizen scrutiny of its state agencies as is possible. 


Service Development


To liaise with the central team of volunteer activists to develop and implement an effective, low or no cost marketing strategy and to support the implementation of that strategy.    Once we move into phase 2 of development, and begin processing claims that Article 6 has been breached, we anticipate that area coordinators will help to coordinate and facilitate real life Peoples Panels, perhaps over the course of a day or afternoon, in partnership with local VCS orgs in your area.   

Knowledge & Skills

Training will be ongoing, based upon a peer-learning model.   Enthusiasm is the key requirement, but we are ideally seeking effective social entrepreneurs and activists with a proven interest in justice, citizen engagement, human rights, and challenging institutional failure.

Personal Qualities

The area coordinator should have good communication skills, and enthusiasm, they should be an excellent persuader and have a 'can do' attitude.

General Requirements

To commit to engaging with fellow coordinators on our shared hub, and to contribute to the development of a marketing and promotion strategy.  To act as an ambassador for PPHR, and to conduct themselves with courtesy and appropriate professionalism in all dealings undertaken on behalf of the organisation.  To commit to acquiring a basic understanding of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act, the types of unfairness covered, and the scope and limitations of the Act.


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