Volunteer Health Walk Leader


A health walk leader to guide health walks in local countryside parks and woodland areas, encouraging community members to enhance their physical and mental well-being through regular outdoor walking activities.

We (SBC) will provide: Comprehensive initial training and induction, with on-going support. Access to necessary resources for planning and promotion. Opportunities for further training and development.

Sport & Active Life

  • Route Planning: Develop and plan walking routes that are safe, enjoyable, and suitable for different fitness levels.
  • Leading Walks: Conduct scheduled walks, ensuring participants are guided safely and effectively while maintaining a suitable pace for all.
  • Safety Assurance: Perform risk assessments for each walk, inform participants of any hazards, and adhere to health and safety guidelines.
  • First Aid: Attend an emergency first aid course (provided through SBC), provide basic first aid if necessary, report any incidents or accidents appropriately.
  • Engagement: Welcome new walkers, provide information about the walk, and foster an inclusive friendly environment.
  • Record Keeping: maintain accurate records of attendance and incidents, reporting to the Volunteer and Engagement Officer.

Full training will be given on leading a walk including Risk Assessments, route planning and record keeping. First aid training will be provided. 

Effective Communication: Ability to engage and communicate clearly with participants.

Organisational Skills: Good organisational skills to plan and deliver walks efficiently.

Local Knowledge: Familiarity of local parks and countryside.

Physical Fitness: Good baseline fitness to be able to deliver different distances throughout trails and woodland pathways.

Enthusiastic: Passionate about promoting health and well-being through walking.

Friendly and approachable: able to create a friendly atmosphere for all participants.

Reliable: dependable and committed to leading regular walks.

Motivational: Capable of encouraging and inspiring participants to stay active.

Observant: Attentive to the groups safety and individual participants needs during the walks.

Flexibility: Willing to adapt routes and plans based on weather conditions and group dynamics.

Community-Oriented: Interested in fostering community spirit and support local health initiatives.

  • Must be 18 years+
  • Provide own transport

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