Trustee- Agenda/ minutes secretary Ingleby Barwick Community Hall


We are looking for an enthusiastic and comitted volunteer to help support the runing of this busy, public amenity.

The majorioty of the role can be completed flexibly in addition to attending a monthly, committee meeting on a Friday 7-9pm.



The Trustee will be required to:

  • Preparing and circulate the monthly agenda for meetings
  • Recording the key points of the meeting discussion
  • Highlight any actions and record who has been assigned responsibiliy
  • Type up minutes and send to Chair of Trustees for circulation to the committee

The volunteer will be required to provide efficient and timely support to the meetings and the following skills would be useful:

  • Competent level of literacy
  • Note taking skills
  • Ability to type up notes on own laptop or PC following meetings and email to Chair

A friendly and enthusaiastic approach is needed.

As is the ability to work with people from a range of backgrounds.

Must be reliable and trustworthy.

Ability to attend monthly meetings which take place Fridays 7-9pm.

A further 2-3 hours per month to type up and email meeting agendas and minutes and distribute to the Committee.



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