Therapeutic Care Volunteer


Therapeutic care volunteer role description

Daily supervision:  Unit/ Service Lead.

Accountability: Unit/ Service lead  

Location:  Teesside Hospice, 1 Northgate Road, Middlesbrough.


Therapeutic care volunteers will

  • Engage with patients to provide therapeutic care and interaction
  • Offer therapeutic contact that will provide comfort if appropriate
  • Read quietly to patients if requested and at an appropriate time
  • Chat about the patient’s history and interests, reminisce using memory boxes, photographs and music etc
  • Help to engage therapeutically with patients for example: playing cards, jigsaws, drawing etc
  • Engage in general conversation
  • As part of the therapeutic interaction, encourage patients to be aware of their nutritional and hydration needs, where appropriate
  • Support patients with staff permission who may need to leave the unit/ service to attend other areas of the hospice i.e., garden areas
  • Complete relevant documentation and the completion of patient experience questionnaires, if and where appropriate
  • To act as an ambassador for Teesside Hospice team and promote the service.

Personal qualities

  • Tact and sensitivity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to the Teesside Hospice volunteering service
  • Ability to work alone and as part of team
  • Polite and approachable
  • Professional approach



Training requirements

As a therapeutic care volunteer, you will complete the following training:

  • Teesside Hospice Mandatory Training
  • Volunteer Induction Training
  • Donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training specific for volunteering role in unit/ service


Your commitment

Your commitment to this role will be discussed on an individual basis. We ask that all volunteers commit to a minimum of two hours per week.

Support and supervision

Your first line of support and for any enquiries will be the Unit/ Service lead.


The Unit/ Service lead will provide you with any information updates, training opportunities and upcoming events on a regular basis.


Users of the service

All patients, carers and visitors within Teesside Hospice Care Foundation.



  • Volunteer polo shirt (provided)
  • Teesside Hospice volunteer badge (provided)


What departments can I volunteer in?

Adult inpatient unit

Wellbeing Service @ Teesside Hospice

To apply for this role contact

Workforce Development Team, Teesside Hospice, 1 Northgate Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 5NW

Call the team on 01642 811060

Apply for this position

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