Prison Tea Bar Volunteer

  • Prison Tea Bar Volunteer
  • HMP Kirklevington Grange Prison
  • Nepacs

The tea bars play an important role in the Visitor Centre and prison
visits room. In providing refreshments in the Visitor Centre you offer a warm
welcome and much needed drink to those that have travelled to visit their loved
one. In the prison visits hall the tea
bar supports both families and prisoners. You help create a warm, social
atmosphere and generally contribute to the quality of the visits.

Volunteers in this role will be based in the Tea Bar in the Visitor
Centre and the prison visits hall inside the prison. Volunteers who do not wish
to enter the prison can remain in the Visitor Centre.


Prison, children, young people, family, retail, refreshment and support.


Main tasks will include:

  • Provide a warm welcome to all
    visitors to the tea bar

  • Treat all visitors with respect
    and show courtesy at all times

  • Treat all information in
    strictest confidence

  • Serve refreshments to visitors

  • Ensure all cash is accounted for
    at the end of your shift and banked as per your local instructions

  • Maintain a high level of
    cleanliness in all work areas

  • Leave the tea bar clean and tidy
    for the following team

  • Ensure stock levels are
    replenished at end of shift

Knowledge & Skills

Skills required:

  • Friendly

  • Approachable

  • Courteous

  • Well organised

  • Punctual and Reliable


Public transport costs or mileage up
to 22 mile radius at 40p per mile.


Initial project induction and

Level 1 Safeguarding training

Invite to Nepacs Generic

Volunteer meetings are held at
regular intervals throughout the year

NEPACS offer a training day for
all volunteers annually

Volunteers are eligible to
attend some prison organised training

Volunteers can expect:

Support from staff

Training opportunities

Invitation to volunteer

Recognition of their work

General Requirements

Nepacs asks volunteers

To commit to the project and
its purpose and give notice of absence as soon as possible

To undertake an induction

To agree to a DBS check and
prison clearance (this will require a form of photo ID)


Please complete the form below to register your interest in the opportunity.