Roseberry Community Consortium is looking for an Assistant Podcast Producer to aid in the development of our Podcast Studio. We are a registered charity, meaning, you are free to operate on your own time wherever you’d like but you are expected to meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and produce quality work. The Assistant Podcast Producer will support the Podcast Producer in the creation and execution of our podcasts.

We are looking to fill this role immediately.

The responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate and assist with guest research, scheduling, and rescheduling
  • Record, edit, and contribute to the development of the podcast content (video and audio)
  • Perform audio engineering tasks such as tuning, mixing, and levelling the audio
  • Perform video and audio editing tasks such as using audio editing software (that you’re proficient in) to clean up the audio interviews.
  • Type up, implement feedback and edit approved show notes
  • Publish to various podcast platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Apple Podcast App, etc.) while providing a clear description of the episode subjects.
  • Tailor, adapt and edit content for podcast/video/social media
  • Assist in the promotion of the podcast on all social media channels and through company email list.


  • Video and audio editing skills
  • Previous podcast creation experiences
  • Detail-oriented
  • Positive attitude and a team player
  • Excellent written communication
  • Extremely well organized and a proactive and effective communicator

  • Having a passion for radio, podcasting or other audio work
  • Being able to pay attention to detail
  • Being organised, able to work on different projects and prioritise
  • Knowing how to research topics and develop ideas
  • The desire to develop strong audio production skills

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