Home-Start Volunteers


Volunteering for Home-Start Teesside offers:
1. Impact: Make a real difference in young children’s and families’ lives.
2. Training: Receive free ongoing training and peer support.
3. Flexibility: Choose flexible volunteering opportunities.
4. Recognition: Appreciation for your contributions through various means such as awards, events, and acknowledgment.
5. Development: Enhance skills and gain valuable experience.
6. Fulfilment: Experience the satisfaction of helping others.

Find out more: https://homestart-teesside.org.uk/volunteer/

1. Communication: Engage empathetically.
2. Reliability: Commit to regular visits.
3. Empathy: Understand families’ needs.
4. Boundaries: Respect confidentiality.
5. Problem-Solving: Assist in finding solutions.
6. Teamwork: Collaborate effectively.
7. Adaptability: Be flexible.
8. Patience: Support with understanding.

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