Helping Hand Wellbeing Volunteer


Helping hand volunteer role description

Daily supervision: Unit/ Service Lead.

Accountability:Unit/ Service lead

Location: Teesside Hospice, 1 Northgate Road, Middlesbrough.

Helping Hand Volunteer

Provide help to the patients and staff where needed, such as making teas and coffees, as a general helper

Personal qualities

Tact and sensitivity

Excellent communication skills

Commitment to the Teesside Hospice volunteering service

Ability to work alone and as part of team

Polite and approachable

Professional approach

Your commitment

Your commitment to this role will be discussed on an individual basis. We ask that all volunteers commit to a minimum of two hours per week.

Support and supervision

Your first line of support and for any enquiries will be the Unit/ Service lead.


The Unit/ Service leadwill provide you with any information updates, training opportunities and upcoming events on a regular basis.

Users of the service

All patients, carers and visitors within Teesside Hospice Care Foundation.


  • Teesside Hospice volunteer badge (provided)

To apply for this role contact

Workforce Development Team, Teesside Hospice, 1 Northgate Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 5NW

Call the team on 07470 451566

Email us

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