Greenwood Workshop Volunteer


We’re seeking a dedicated Volunteer Assistant for our greenwood craft workshops. This role involves assisting the Forest Craft Leader with workshop setup and closure, supporting participants with their crafts, and maintaining a safe, clean workspace. Although woodworking experience is beneficial, it’s not essential as we provide full training. Workshops would include: Spoon Carving, Willow weaving, family craft workshops, Halloween workshops and many more.

Environment, Leisure and Greenspace Team

Workshop Preparation and Closing: Assist in setting up before the workshops, including preparing tools and materials, setting up workstations, and ensuring everything is packed away safely and the workshop area is clean after each session.

Participant Support: Provide assistance to workshop participants, ensure they understand instructions and are engaged with their projects, and offer guidance and support where needed.

Safety and Order: Maintain a safe and orderly workshop environment by adhering to safety protocols, promoting their usage among participants, and ensuring the workspace is clean and organised.

While previous woodworking or similar craft experience is beneficial, it is not required. We provide comprehensive training for all our volunteers. Ideal candidates should possess:

Interest in Nature and Crafts: A genuine appreciation for nature and traditional crafts.

Good Communication Skills: Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, and ability to explain concepts and instructions in an accessible manner.

Interpersonal Skills: Strong skills in building relationships, working with diverse groups, and fostering a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

Adaptability: Willingness to learn new skills and adapt to varying workshop needs.

Enthusiasm for Nature and Crafts: A genuine passion for nature and traditional craft techniques, with an eagerness to learn and share this knowledge with others.

Good Communication Skills: An ability to express ideas clearly and effectively, making sure all participants understand the workshop instructions.

Patience: Capacity to provide guidance to participants of varying skill levels, displaying patience and understanding as they learn and practice new techniques.

Adaptability: Willingness to handle a range of tasks, adapt to changing circumstances, and learn new skills as required.

Team Player: Ability to work collaboratively within a team, showing respect for diverse perspectives and contributions.

Proactive Attitude: Eagerness to take initiative, identifying what needs to be done and carrying out responsibilities with minimal supervision.

Empathy and Respect: Ability to create an inclusive, welcoming environment, showing empathy and respect towards all participants.

Reliability: Consistency in meeting commitments and punctuality for workshops, as others will be depending on your support.

Age:  Need to be at least 18 years old.

Physical Fitness: As the role involves some manual labor (such as setting up and packing away workshops), a certain level of physical fitness would be beneficial.

Availability: The ability to commit to a certain number of hours per week/month, particularly during the times when workshops are held.

Basic Craft Skills: While not necessary, some basic craft or woodworking skills would be beneficial, as the role involves supporting participants in these activities.

Health and Safety Awareness: An understanding of basic health and safety procedures relevant to the workshop activities, or a willingness to learn these.

Training: Willingness to undergo training provided by our forest craft leader to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively assist in the workshops.

Respect for Diversity: An open-minded attitude towards working with a diverse range of people, respecting all participants regardless of their backgrounds or skill levels.

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