Good Neighbour Volunteers- Residents on ice activity


Volunteers are needed to support an activity on 8th June, 10.15am-12.00pm, which gives care home residents the opportunity to enjoy some time on the ice at Billingham Forum.




Volunteers are needed to assist care home staff to support residents to access this brilliant opportunity to socialise and have some fun.

Volunteers will help with:

  • Providing a warm welcome to the event.
  • Meeting care home residents in the car park and walking, or pushing their wheelchairs, into the building.
  • Joining in with skating and pushing a wheelchair on the ice (optional).
  • Chatting with residents who are watching the skating and also in the caf eafter the activity.

Care home staff will be on hand to deal with any personal care or more specific needs of residents.

No prior knowledge or skills are needed. Just a willingness to help welcome visitors and encourage them to engage with others.

Volunteers who wish to help residents on the ice, do so at their owm risk and must be confident in their skating ability.



Volunteers need to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A friendly, welcoming manner.
  • Good communication skills.
  • The desire to help others and support them to access the activity.
  • A pro active attitude and the ability to use intiitaive.


Volunteers are required to report to Billingham Forum for 10.00am ready to greet those attending the activity.

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