Give out free books at Literacy Trust events in Stockton


The National Literacy Trust is looking for “Literacy Champion” volunteers to support our events in Stockton!

You would help us to give out free children’s books to local families at events such as:

  • Town-centre stalls
  • Family Festival
  • Children’s author workshops

There’s no pressure to attend every event, we’ll let you know what’s on, and it’s just about coming along when you are available and happy to help out!

You would also chat to families about the benefits of reading together, and encourage parents and older siblings to read with younger children.

These benefits include longer life expectancy, and greater levels of wellbeing. By supporting families to read together, we can help children live longer and happier lives!

You will be supported by the National Literacy Trust in the North East team.

This includes a dedicated volunteering officer, whose priority is to support volunteers in the North East. If you need to chat about volunteering, or have ideas around how to encourage literacy in the area, they’ll be there to talk to you. You’ll also see them at events with you!

The team also includes a hub manager, who arranges and attends the local events, and is always delighted to meet and work with the volunteers.

  • Giving out free books to families
  • Talking to the public, and encouraging reading with children
  • Helping us set up, and tidy up, events.

All that’s required is enthusiasm! We provide support and training around reading and literacy.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Keen to attend events
  • Friendliness!

There’s no specific requirements from us, other than an eagerness to help.

If you need any adjustments made to attend events, please let us know.

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