Dementia Activity Group Volunteer Billingham


Volunteers are required to support the delivery of meaningful activities to a group of people living with dementia or their carers. May include small group/1:1 support.

We want to introduce group members to a diverse range of regular activities that enable them to develop and maintain their own skills, while exploring a repertoire of activities designed to provide cognitive stimulation, physical exercise and imaginative creativity. If you have a particular passion, hobby or interest that you would like to share with the group, that can also be arranged.

You may also be involved in supporting the delivery of the carer support group, which may include greeting people, making hot drinks and providing a listening ear. You may also be required to feedback any queries or requests for information.

The project aims to provide meaningful activities to enhance peoples’ social inclusion.  The group will be based in local community venues to encourage social inclusion and community development.

Why You’ll Love It:
You’ll love working with the group members as no two sessions are ever the same. There is a diverse range of personalities who attend and getting to know each of them, listening to their stories, sharing activities with them, connecting with them is the most amazing feeling. You’ll leave each session knowing that what you have done in that short time has made a huge difference not only to the people living with dementia but also their carers who benefit from accessing the carer support group or respite.

What You’ll Do:

Your role will include greeting attendees and providing hot drinks, as well as engage in social chit-chat. You will also encourage participation in both small group and large group activities. There may be occasions where you will be required to support an individual group member to participate or engage in activities, this will be agreed as and when required. You may be required to lead the activity within a small, sub-divided group ensuring the activity is inclusive for all group members.

What You’ll Learn:
You’ll learn about the real world impact and progression of the disease that is dementia. You’ll see how different types of dementia affect people and how those living with the same diagnosis all present differently. You’ll gain a greater understanding of how meaningful engagements can be a powerful tool in improving quality of life for people living with dementia and how carers also benefit from the service.

What We’re Looking For:
We are looking for people who can give 90-120 minutes a week to support the delivery of the dementia activity group. If you are someone who enjoys spending time with older people, if you are passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of older people, then please get in touch.

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