Covid-19 Community Champion

Our Covid-19 Community Champion
network has been established o empower and support the residents of
Stockton-on-Tees to stay up to date with the latest advice about
Covid-19, to dispel misinformation and to highlight any barriers that face our

As a Covid-19 Community Champion
you’ll be able to share the latest information from Public Health with your
friends, family or people you know in your community. This could be in a
conversation, through Facebook and WhatsApp groups, or any way that suits you.

We want to work with you and
your families and friends to ensure the right message gets to the right people
in the right way.

To become a Champion or find out
more please email


Community Intelligence


  • Act as a trusted source
    of information ensuring reliable timely Covid-19 messages safely get to as
    many people in your community as possible via our newsletter, social media
    channels or optional fortnightly Public Health meeting.

  • Help us dispel dangerous
    misinformation with feedback to these groups with accurate evidence.

  • Collect 'Community
    Intelligence' - speak to your neighbours, family members and friends about
    their experiences of local health and care services and tell us what they
    say. How is Covid-19 affecting the way they use services? And what are their
    experiences of testing and vaccination?

  • Tell us what people are
    saying on your social media groups.

  • Promote Stockton-on-Tees
    Covid19 Community Champion work and activities in your community.

  • Help us identify any
    Covid-19 - related issues affecting local communities.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Willingness to share Key Messages with your local community, friends, family etc.
  • Confidence to have open
    and relaxed conversation with friends, family and community members
    without judgement.

  • Summarise and feedback
    on your conversations.

  • You don't need any
    specialised skills in the role of a Champion - you're probably already
    doing all of the work!

Personal Qualities

  • Willing to make a

  • Friendly

  • Positive

  • Supportive

  • Team member

  • Basic communication

General Requirements

All Champions will be asked
to fill out a basic sign-up form.

A commitment to share the
Covid19 key messages with their networks.

No specialised training is
compulsory to the role however we do offer training sessions which cover a
general overview of the Covid-19 (role of Public Health, Vaccinations, Testing,
Making Every Contact Count) and Long-Covid19 guidance.


Please complete the form below to register your interest in the opportunity.