Community Health Ambassador

  • Community Health Ambassador
  • Stockton-on-Tees/Hartlepool

Do you have an interest in Health & Wellbeing and want to be part of spreading important messages out to your communities and networks? Would you like to influence the planning and cascading of local health messages and campaigns?

Become a Community Health Ambassador and join our community today!

Your role as a Community Health Ambassador will help NHS Tees Valley Clinical Commissioning Group (“the CCG”) to engage people from the local community. Ambassadors have the chance to network, acquire important information from local health services and organisations and cascade this information to their networks and communities.  The aim is to improve collaboration and engagement with the public and health services.

To become a volunteer or find out more please email or ring 01642 733906


Minority, marginalised and disadvantaged groups and communities are particularly likely to be affected by health inequalities and deprivation, but traditionally have been less likely to have the opportunity to have their say in influencing the planning, development and buying (commissioning) of local health services.

This is a particularly important area of work to the CCG, as health inequalities and deprivation in Hartlepool and Stockton are higher than the national average.

Collaborative working with local groups and communities will enhance the work of the CCG to improve overall health and reduce preventable disease and inequality across the Hartlepool and Stockton area.

Whilst specifically focusing on reaching people and groups under-represented in CCG decision-making, the CCG believes that this approach will also engage and involve those people and groups considered “easier to reach.”


As a Community Health Ambassador, you will:

  • Attend Community Health Ambassador peer group meetings at agreed intervals.

  • Seek and listen to the views of people who are seldom heard on behalf of the CCG. In doing so, take into account the diverse make-up of the local population and the health inequalities of the area

  • Develop on-going links and relationships with these people, groups and communities

  • Communicate information from the CCG about health issues, health projects, initiatives and programmes, as well as information relating to the development of new health services and changes to existing health services

  • Engage people, groups and communities in a way which is accessible to them to ensure that they        have the opportunity to provide feedback to the CCG on their health priorities, health issues,                health  projects, initiatives and programmes, as well as information relating to the development of    new health services and changes to existing health services

  • Ensure that the views of those who do not readily engage are properly reflected in the decision-making of the CCG

  • Feedback to those individuals, groups and communities taking part on how their feedback has been used to inform and influence the work of the CCG

Knowledge & Skills

The important skills and experience for this role relate to an understanding and knowledge of the local population of Hartlepool and / or Stockton-on-Tees, along with the ability to communicate and engage others in discussions about health-related issues.

As this will involve a diverse cross-section of individuals and groups, this will involve thinking about how to make communications and engagement activities accessible to different people with different needs.

Community Health Ambassadors will also need the skills to accurately summarise and record feedback from engagement activities in a way that can be used by the CCG to inform its work and influence its decision making.


General Requirements

The CCG is working closely with one of its voluntary sector partners to develop and manage the Community Health Ambassador role. Catalyst Stockton will recruit, train and support Community Health Ambassadors on behalf of the CCG.

This is an unpaid role, although relevant travelling and out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed. A form will be provided for the purpose of claiming expenses.


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