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We are looking for volunteers to provide weekly phone calls (no. of calls decided by volunteer) to clients who are accessing support through the Social Lights Project.

Clients have varying support needs including learning disabilities, autism, mental health difficulties or other barriers to accessing their community, and are awaiting a match for an in-person volunteer to support them.

Clients would receive a weekly ‘check in’ for general conversation (not advice giving, counselling or befriending). Calls take place on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, between 9-5. This can be flexible to fit in with your schedule.

This service is also offered generally (not specific to Social Lights clients) by the Hub at Catalyst proving very popular with clients. Feedback has been extremely positive and shows that short phone call can have such a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Volunteers use a free App to make the phone calls, meaning each call can be privatised and no personal phone numbers are shared with clients. The App also allows volunteers to submit short reports after each call to log client calls, key points of conversation and log any safeguarding concerns.

For any questions, please contact Alice Robinson on 07961660944 or email

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Adult health & social care

  • Make check in calls to clients using the Volunteero app.
  • Create reports after each call to log key points of discussion and report any safeguarding concerns.
  • Complete necessary training and induction.

  • Good listener.
  • Good communication skills.

  • Non-judgemental outlook.
  • Friendly and polite.

There is no minimum commitment for this role. No DBS is required for this specific role. Calls can be made from volunteers own home and own phone using the Volunteero app. Volunteers aged 16 + required.

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