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Northern Cancer Voices are a group of volunteers that work with anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis in the North East and North Cumbria. We are a service improvement group that listen to the experiences of those within a cancer diagnosis and provide feedback to help improve the services overall.

We are looking for a new Patient or Carer Volunteer Chair person to help manage the group overall.

This involves organising and managing meetings (virtual and face to face), engaging with new and existing members, creating and managing projects and working with professionals that can improve the services overall.


Chair Role profile

The chair should take control of meetings, ensuring that everyone who wishes to has a reasonable chance to speak and take part. She or he should be able to listen to and understand a wide range of views, present information clearly and concisely and get clarification of relevant points, thus enabling the members to make effective decisions. The members must demonstrate its leadership of the organisation. It is the chair’s role to enable the members to do that.

In addition to the general members responsibilities, the chair will be responsible for the following duties (although in some cases these may be delegated to or shared with other members):


Main duties and responsibilities

(It is advisable that in some cases these are delegated to or shared with other trustees).

  • Ensuring that members decisions are made within the remit of the governing document and the policies of Northern Cancer Voices
  • Planning the annual cycle of members meetings, and chairing and facilitating these to ensure their smooth running
  • Planning the agenda for meetings
  • Developing membership to ensure that it contains the diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge needed to operate effectively, with due consideration for community representation
  • Ensuring that successors for key posts – vice chair etc. – are identified and inducted in good time
  • Ensuring that all chairs receive induction and adequate training to enable them to fulfil their roles
  • Monitoring the calibre, level of commitment and attendance of all reps
  • Ensuring that the chairs review its own work and how effectively it operates; making sure to take any corrective action required
  • Ensuring that NCV is able to seek the views of all sections of the community they cover
  • Checking that decisions taken at meetings are being implemented
  • Ensuring that the membership reviews the work of the NCV.
  • Liaising with the NCV chair to keep an overview of the business
  • In conjunction with the fund holder (CAB), ensuring proper management and control of finances
  • Representing Northern Cancer Voices in the community and at public events where able
  • Representing Northern Cancer Voices in relationships with funders and negotiating for funds for staffing, premises or equipment
  • Ensuring that Northern Cancer Voices plans for the recruitment and turnover of paid staff and volunteers.



Personal skills and qualities

  • leadership skills
  • experience of chairing meetings and committee work
  • facilitation skills
  • tact and diplomacy
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences.



It is essential that the chair is able to engage new members and be empathetic to situations and difficult conversations.

They must have good organisation skills and be IT literate

It is desirable for the chair to have knowledge of the type of work undertaken by Northern Cancer Voices and a commitment to keeping ahead of the changes in the organisation that take place.

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