British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteer

  • Community Reserve Volunteer
  • North East Region

This programme is a new national opportunity for the public to make a difference during a larger scale emergency like a flood or fire.
It’s quick and easy to sign up online and Community Reserve Volunteers will be contacted by mobile text message if there is an emergency in their local community that they could possibly help with.

Specialist skills aren’t required, with briefings and training provided at the scene by qualified Team Leaders.On attending an incident each Community Reserve Volunteer will be issued with a British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteer Hi-Viz tabard, Identification Badge, Lanyard and Wristlet to assist other Emergency Responders to easily identifying you.

Community Spirit and the desire to help:

  • When disaster strikes communities want to play some part, and small acts of kindness can make a difference to people in need.
  • Research shows that the majority of people (88%) would want to help if an emergency happened in their area.

Community Preparedness for crisis:

  • The general public recognises the likelihood of an emergency in their community.
  • Most people who have experienced an emergency felt they could have offered more support but didn’t know how (66%).

Harnessing The Power of Kindness in a crisis:

  • Effective emergency response needs to be human-centred, focusing on individuals and communities.
  • Organisations like the British Red Cross can help connect people in a crisis to the right services so that they get the best help and support they need.

Local British Red Cross Contact:

David Beverley

Emergency Response Officer (North East)



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Knowledge & Skills

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Personal Qualities

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General Requirements

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