Information on Volunteering for Over 65s

After retirement many people choose to spend their time volunteering. Recent surveys have show that more than 2 in 5 people over the age of 65 give their time in their local community.

Why Volunteer?

As well as other reasons to volunteer, there are many reasons that those over the age of 65 choose to be active in their communities:

  • Volunteering increases physical health and agility – studies have shown that volunteering is a vital way to help people stay healthy and maintain their agility, especially in older people.
  • Volunteering helps you learn new skills and increases ones cognitive and mental well-being – Volunteering helps to keep you engaged and helps to encourage your memory to fight off aging. In volunteering not only can you learn new skills, but you can keep old skills and knowledge alive and help to pass on what you have learned to others.
  • Volunteering helps reduce isolation and helps you meet new people – reducing isolation and meeting new people is one of the easiest and most rewarding and positive ways to keep healthy and active after retirement.

Useful Links

For more information on volunteering over 65 and the benefits of doing so, please follow the links below: