Adam’s Story

Volunteer role: Costumed Interpretation based in Victorian Print shop.

Current job: Engagement Coordinator at Preston Park Museum & Grounds

“I joined the team of volunteers at Preston Park Museum in 2012.

With just a few months to go until the grand re-opening and plenty of work still to do, we spent hours cleaning copper pans and other delicate objects from the collection. I thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and learning new skills which is the reason why I kept coming back!

Once the museum was open I was able to develop my skills and share my knowledge of letterpress printing in L Thorman Printers and Stationers which is a shop set on the Museums recreation of a Victorian street. The Shops are the perfect setting to show off more of the Museum’s collections which are then brought to life by a costumed interpreter Volunteer inside.

I always felt very valued and appreciated during my time volunteering for the museum, with invites to social events, training opportunities and Research trips. I was even invited to meet Prince Edward the Duke of Kent during his royal visit to the Museum and I was shortlisted for a young volunteer of the year award. I found volunteering very rewarding as I was able to gain experience working with the public, I learnt from other Volunteers and I built up a great set of skills to add to my CV.

In September 2015 I was successful in my application for the role of Engagement Coordinator at Preston Park Museum. The role requires me to recruit, and manage our extensive volunteer workforces who perform a wide range of tasks from working in the Kitchen Garden to creating historic costumes for the interpreters! I am grateful for all the fantastic experiences I had being a Volunteer here at the Museum and I’m able to refer back to how they made me feel to keep our team of amazing volunteers happy. The Museum would certainly not be the same place without them!”

Adam is just one example of thousands of volunteers in Stockton-on-Tees. If you would like more information on volunteering at Preston Park, please call 01642 527948.